Amanda Nelson, Executive Director


Having spent the past 30+ years in non-profit management and leadership positions, I have held various roles from a volunteer to a staff member, a board member, and consultant in many groups. Through these eyes, I can see what a great organization ODBFP is, not only in its efficiency but also in its effectiveness throughout the community. It is for this reason, I wanted to be a part of ODBFP.
I would like to see ODBFP embark on a few things in the next couple of months.

  • Finding a space within Collier County that can accommodate our food storage/preparation/distribution needs.
  • Setting up donor and volunteer recognition programs.
  • Getting out in Collier County to meet our community partners and our local Donors.

I welcome calls/emails with your thoughts and suggestions. You are the lifeline that helps keep our doors open, and on behalf of the Board and those we serve, we are tremendously grateful.
Meet Amanda - Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Executive DIrector

Volunteer Spotlight

Guest Testimonial - Our Daily Bread Food Pantry
Meet Kathy Maren and Peggy Richard from Verona Walk, Naples


Kathy, Why do you do this?

Because I thought it would be something they could use that was not something they normally wouldn’t get in their grocery bags

Peggy, Why do you do this?

For me it started with the COVID lock down and asking myself what am I going to do with all my time… I joined a knitting group and met up with a woman in New Zealand on Facebook who was asking herself the same thing… This an idea we came up with because we both had a large collection of yarn that could be used…. I started knitting when I was 8 and have taught knitting for many years… My 1st project and teaching project is a dishcloth…..

I wanted to do something I could donate to a women’s shelter or food pantry so I got my needles and yarn out and started knitting….
When the amenities opened back up I mentioned to Kathy and what I was going to do with the dishcloths and she wanted to also become involved, did not know who we were going to donate to till Marta Viera came on the scene and said she volunteered for Our Daily Bread so it was decided that would be the group they would go to…. It started as an idea that evolved into a project of love with goods friends just wanting to do something nice for others.
I personally have gotten so much joy from being able to do something a little different for a food pantry that I hope will just put a smile on someone’s face if just for a moment…

“Every Stitch is Made with LOVE”

Guest Spotlight

Mary Martin has been a Guest of Our Daily Bread Food Pantry since November 2020. Her caregiver – Laura – recognized Mary needed assistance with basic food needs and called Our Daily Bread for assistance. Mary was registered and became part of the home delivery route.

Today, while delivering to Mary, I asked “Mary, what’s your story?” and here goes:

I’ve live in Naples for 60 years. I married and we moved to this neighborhood. I was a hairdresser and then became a first grade substitute teacher. At the age of 55 I had my first stroke and have since survived 4 more. I’ve been left paralyzed on my right side and I can’t drive. When the Doctors comment on 5 strokes, Mary’s response is “Yep, God don’t want me yet” I became widowed 5 years ago and then diagnosed with diabetes. I am now on dialysis 3 times a week. The type of wheel chair I have requires me to pay for private transportation to and from dialysis.

Although Mary’s son lives with her to oversee her caregiving, he just started working a lot of hours and cannot get to the grocery store on a regular basis.

The food delivered by-weekly to Mary helps to supplement her expenses as the bills keep rolling in.

When I asked ‘anything we can add or change to your delivery?’ Mary’s response was “no honey it’s all just fine. We use a lot of eggs and milk.”

In closing Mary’s comment was “It could be a lot worse”

What a positive Lady Mary Martin is!


Our Daily Bread Food Pantry

The needs are evident and Our Daily Bread Food Pantry is

working to wipe out hunger.

Launched in 2016, we began serving the needs of school children on weekends by providing backpacks stuffed with food on Fridays.

Since then, we have grown our services to include a weekly drive through food pantry on Winterberry Drive, a mobile pantry, a senior citizens luncheon program, as well as strategic partnerships to provide for needs beyond nourishment.

In 2022 we are fundraising to expand to a second location and continuing to provide critical food assistance to the over  152,000 individuals we served in 2021.



Our Impact

Since 2016
In 2016, our first year of operation, we served 3,600 individuals with critical food needs.  In 2021, over  152,000 individuals received food assistance through our brick-and-mortar and mobile pantries.
Meeting Local Needs
Each month,  we procure, process and stock over 100,000 pounds of food. We source fresh, frozen and protein-rich food from seventeen (17) food suppliers to meet local needs.
Our Unique Approach
We are unique in that we offer a “hand up” approach with guests while maintaining confidentiality and dignity. Our strength is meeting people in their need and walking alongside them.
More Than Just Food Assistance
In addition to food assistance, we provide nine (9) programs and two (2) partnerships for our guests, which include diaper assistance, job placement services and more.
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Other Assistance

Get help paying bills, finding food, and locating other resources near you.