Our Grantors

Grantors are critical for  Our Daily Bread Food Pantry (ODBFP) as they supply almost 1/3  of the funds we require to feed those who come to us in need. ODBFP looks for grantors with similar desires to our mission – to assist food-insecure individuals and improve these lives in our community.

The Grant team at the pantry is responsible for searching out grantors with like interests, providing the data they require through an application, and, if the grant is approved, developing reports showing the grantor how the grant money was used. Grants are typically 12 months long, requiring finding and writing new ones yearly. Grants can be written for a variety of needs beyond just purchasing food, such as the back of house operations; trucks, generators, refrigeration, storage space, and racks for food. We love establishing long-term relationships with our grantors and invite them to see the pantry in action to learn more about what we do! ODBFP‘s appreciation for our grantors cannot be overstated – thank you!


Our Partners

Without our Partners, Our Daily Bread Food Pantry (ODBFP) could not provide tangible help to our neighbors most in need. The support of our Partners enables ODBFP to bring critical nourishment and offer hope to the food insecure in Collier County. National and community-led organizations, neighborhoods, businesses, faith ministries, grantors, and individuals support our food pantry

Whether you heard about the Pantry from a fellow business owner or saw us at an event, we are honored to work together with all of you. If you want further information about our impact or to discuss how you can be involved, please contact or fill out our Contact Us Form today. 

We want to thank and recognize the following Partners for their commitment and support of our vision,  working to wipe out hunger in Collier County. 

We receive free food from

  • Harry Chapin Food Bank/USDA
  • “Retail Rescue” from Local Grocery Stores: Publix and Winn-Dixie
  • Midwest Food Bank
  • Collier Harvest Foundation

  • Local churches and congregations
  • Neighborhoods
  • Community Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Other Food Pantries

The Food Pantry buys food from

  • Harry Chapin Food Bank
  • Stahl Produce
  • Flowers Bakery
  • Goya

  • Winn Dixie
  • McArthur Dairy
  • Sysco
  • Sam’s Club