Not Just Another Number: Why Volunteer Linda Can’t Recommend Signing Up Enough

Volunteer Linda | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Marco Island
Part 1:

Volunteer From The Heart Profile Series

At first glance, it may seem like a volunteer roster of more than five hundred is more than enough to serve our guests each week. Why even reach out to volunteer if I’m just another number? It’s a valid question and we thought we would let one of our amazing volunteers chime in! Meet Linda, who is also known as a superstar volunteer in certain circles. She is the first “Volunteer from the Heart” profile we will be sharing in a blog series in the coming weeks.

Linda, how did you first hear about the Pantry?
From a friend of a friend who volunteers! I was looking for something to fill time in my day as I entered retirement…

Where did you begin? In other words, how’d you start volunteering?
My first position was in what I call the “backroom” operations. Essentially that means sorting, marking and stocking thousands of pounds of food we receive every week from partners.

What was your first day volunteering like?
I felt very welcomed. I was given a tour of the pantry and an overview of what I would be doing for the day. Everyone was patient, kind and helpful. My circle of friends has expanded as a result of volunteering.

It sounds like you love it! What are three words you would use to describe your volunteer experience?
Fulfilling. Energizing. Humbling.

You mentioned your “first position.” What do you do now at the Pantry?
Today, I am a member of the registration team. We register all the guests, manage appointments, maintain the guest and volunteer database(s) write and update process and procedures and assist at various Outreach/Mobile pantries.

Is there anything you’d like to tell prospective volunteers?
There is a job or opportunity for everyone. You can volunteer as much or as little as your calendar permits. You can bring your career and work experience and make recommendations for improvements. You’ll meet a great bunch of peeps interested in the same thing as you…making a difference in an effort to eliminate hunger. I close with one of my favorite quotes “No one can help everyone. But everyone can help someone.” And that’s why I volunteer!

Thanks, Linda!
We will be doing a series of volunteer profiles highlighting our volunteers and partners who are working to wipe out hunger here on Marco Island. If you’d like your story to be featured, please reach out to Liz Pecora, Director of Communications, or fill out our Contact Us Form