We thank you for your interest in Volunteering, however, at this time, we are not accepting new Volunteers. Please check back in the Spring 2024.


Who is a typical Pantry Volunteer?

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Our Volunteers come from all walks of life and possess various skills, talents, and expertise. While Marco Island is seasonal, as are many of our loyal Volunteers, hunger does not know the season, and the Pantry needs Volunteers year-round. The number of Guests increases significantly when the children are out of school in the summertime and no longer receive subsidized breakfasts and lunches.


A Volunteer-Led Organization

As a predominantly volunteer-run organization, more than 250 individuals lend their skills, expertise, and time to serve our neighbors in need. Our Volunteers come from various backgrounds and offer their life experiences in meaningful ways. 

Volunteer FAQs

Whatever your role, we want you to be comfortable and safe. Closedtoe shoes are required as there is a great deal of movement- people, carts, and boxes of food! When you arrive for your first volunteer job, you will be asked to choose a color and size of a pantry T-shirt that you will wear when working at the pantry. 
During the four-hour volunteer shift on Saturdays, we serve just over 1.000 families, with this number continuing to grow.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers provide critical manpower to everything done at the Pantry. Looking to the coming months, the following roles are greatly needed:
Food Distribution Preparation:
Unload, weigh, date, mark, stock, and bag food in the Pantry. Lifting is required. (up to 50 lbs +)
Spanish Speaking Registrars:
Register Guests for all Saturday Pantries, Mobile Outreaches, Appointments and collect all required forms.